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YMT is the only centralized lubrication system that offers grease cartridges suitable to lubricate industrial machines working in the various and yet severe environments.


Discharge Pressure Rated 25MPa, Maximum 35Mpa
Discharge Volume 2ml/min. (with 6mm Dia. Pumping Unit)
Number of Pumping Unit 1 to 3 Units or 1 to 5 Units(The number of the pumping units varies
depending on the model.)
Voltage 24VDC ± 10%
Reservoir Capacity 4 Liters Lube Original Grease Cartridge
Grease Specified grease for YMT (NLGI No. 000 to 2)
Alarm Output Grease Level Alarm , No Cartridge Alarm

HOW to order

How to order

Directions for use

  • Use recommended greases
  • Never use molybdenum disulfide-contained grease
  • Use lithium greases. (Contact us for consultation when other than lithium grease is used.)
  • Do not use any greases containing substances that attack brass and rubber.
  • Avoid continuous operation

Hydraulic circuit drawing

hydraulic circuit drawing


Dimensional drawing

Dimensional drawing

Multi-Port Centralized Lubrication System YMT

Multi-Port Centralized Lubrication System YMT