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Lube Original Grease LHL-300/LHL-X 100

LHL-300 LHL-X 100  [ High-performance grease for machine tools ]

A lubricant that has the advantages of both oil and grease

LHL-300 was developed to solve the following problems of grease:

  • Foul smell of deteriorated and decomposed coolant due to oil lubrication
  • High oil consumption
  • Imperfect lubrication due to grease adherence and insufficient coating of components
  • A large amount of drained grease in lubricated sections
  • In order to solve the above problems, LHL-300 was developed as a lubricant suitable for the environment and conditions in which machine tool components are used.


    LHL-300 has the advantages of both oil, such as excellent non-adherence, liquidity and intervention; and grease, such as excellent extreme pressure resistance, wear resistance, water resistance and retention.


    Model Part Number Capacity Color of Grease
    LHL-300-4S 249113 400ml yellow
    LHL-300-7 249112 700ml
    LHL- X 100-2 249139 200ml Brown
    LHL- X 100-4 249136 400ml
    LHL-X 100-7 249137 700ml

    LHL-X100 Performance Test Data

  • Excellent load-carrying capacity and wear resistance The excellent load-carrying capacity and wear resistance prevent seizures and excessive wear.
  • Excellent water resistance and corrosion resistance LHL is versatile to emulsification and softening even when water is introduced. In addition, its excellent corrosion resistance prevents the development of rust and pitting.
  • Excellent migration property Developed as lubricants for centralized lubrication systems, LHL has excellent transport property and supplying LHL in the right amount at the right time guarantees ideal lubrication effects.
  • Fretting Resistance Test Utilizing the ASTM F4170 Fafnir Test

    Testing Method

    In conformity with ASTM D 4170 Fafnir Test

    Fafnir Test Results

    [Testing Conditions]

    Shaft : ANDREWS W 5/8
    Weight : 2450N (Ball 9pcs, Surface
    Pressure : 1.9GPa)
    Rolling Angle : 12 (Rolling Width : Approx. 3.0mm)
    Rolling Cycle : 3.4Hz Approx. 200 cycles
    Time Duration : 10h
    Temperature : Room temperature
    Warm-up Operation : No
    Amount of
    lubricant applied :
    1.0 + 0.05g per bearing  0.2 + 0.01g

    [Evaluation Method]

    Amount of abrasion : Measuring the decrease in the mass of each race

    Thickness of Oil Film (LHL-X 100 Lithium-based Grease Oil)

    Thickness of Oil Film (LHL-X 100?Lithium-based Grease?Oil)

    LHL-X 100 Special Urea Grease provides thicker oil films in slow rolling speed range.

    Having tested the performance of lubricants by focusing on thickness of oil film provided by each lubricant, we found that the oil films become thinnest when rolling speeds become 0m/s ( or all most 0m/s). Both greases provide thicker oil films than oil. LHL-X 100, however, (a special urea grease)provides even thicker oil films than lithium grease. The test results prove that LHL-X 100 prevents oil film deficiencies more effectively and efficiently which eliminates stick slip.

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