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Lube Original Grease LFL-H1

LFL-H1 [High-performance grease for food, medical and cosmetic machines]

LFL-H1 has acquired NSF H1 certification. It is a grease agent suitable for the environment and conditions in which food, medical and cosmetic machines are used. It has excellent pumpability and intervention to components. In order to improve safety and simplify its use, it comes in cartridges. LFL-H1 is also suitable for concentric supply.


NSF registration number: 140284 / 400ml

  • Examples of machines
  • LFL-H1 is suitable for use with bread, confectionery, beverage, pharmaceutical, meat and fish related machines; as well as packaging, washing, transportation and forming machines.
  • Features NSF H1 certified grease NSF H1 is a grease agent that can be used in places where it may Contact food accidentally and unavoidably.
  • Excellent wear resistance NSF H1 has excellent wear resistance, and prevents lubricated surfaces from galling and abnormal wear.
  • Excellent water resistance NSF H1 is stable and resists emulsification and softening even when mixed with water.
  • Excellent pumpability NSF H1 has excellent pumpability and is suitable for concentric supply. Lubrication can be achieved safely and surely if an appropriate amount of NSF H1 is supplied timely.
  • Operating temperature limit/LFL-H1 -45°C - +120°C


Model Part Number Capacity Consistency
LFL-H1-4 249301 400ml 11
Color of Grease : beige