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This pump is a small, low cost pump only for our original cartridge grease. EGME-II pumps have a built in solenoid protection circuit which eliminates the 7.5 min maximum running time of other EGM pumps.


Power DC24V 
Power Consumption 28.8W
Discharging pressure 8MPa (Only for LHL System)

1 0MPa
Maximum discharging time No restriction
Interval time More than 10 seconds
Wiring method Terminal connection
Manual override switch With(Optional: Only PDI system) *
Grease level switch With
Solenoid cover Non combustible plastic (UL94-V0)  
Protection class IP54
CE approval With
Pump air bleeding With restriction
* Although the Manual Override Switch provides a dry contact to activate the pump, its capacity is not sufficient to sustain the power required to operate the pump. Therefore, the power needs to be provided directly to the pump from the machine control panel.

Directions for use

  • Use recommended grease.
  • Never use molybdenum disulfide-contained grease.
  • Use lithium greases. (Contact us for consultation when other than lithium grease is used.)
  • Do not use any greases containing substances that attack brass and rubber.
  • When the cartridge is changed, pay attention that foreign particles are not getting inside.
  • Do not discharge continuously.
  • After changing the cartridge, bleed the air inside the pump by opening the air bleeding valve.

HOW to order

Hydraulic circuit diagram – T-type

Hydraulic circuit diagram – S-type


Dimensional drawing EGME II – 10S-4-7CLFB


Dimensional drawing EGME II – 10T-4-7CL


Wiring diagram


Grease level switch